Go inside the Cissie Gool House occupation of the old Woodstock Hospital in Cape Town undergoing a co-design process in this short film by Haroon Gunn-Salie. Produced by Human Rights Media Centre for International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.
It is an interesting time at Cissi Gool House:

  1. A co-design process has begun involving CGH residents in imagining their future. This is a self-managed project by CGH residents, supported by various organisations, including the Woodstock Residents Association, and it’s not just about re-imagining spaces but also re-imagining a community.
  2. The City issued a tender to identify a Facility Manager provider for Cissie Gool House. This tender also represents a shift in the City’s approach. The tender specifications read: “The City intends to provide a socio-cultural sensitive approach in the management and transitioning of the Woodstock Hospital. The City recognises the community leadership structures that have been established by the occupants in the facility and seeks to use this tender to augment the services being provided and engender greater community empowerment.”
Co-design at Cissie Gool House