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About us

We are working to unify, beautify and create a safe environment. Why? Because we love living in Woodstock, hands down Cape Town’s best suburb. Want to find out more about us and what we do?

We envisage a harmonious, clean, green, safe, child friendly and proud community.


  • To promote and safeguard the interests of the community of the area
  • To co-operate and liase with other organisations in order to further the objectives of the association
  • To secure the area against crime
  • To clear the area of anti-social behaviour
  • To enhance the appearance of the area
  • To build a community spirit bound together by mutual respect


  1. Organising activities within the community
  2. Disseminating important of information and encouraging communication
  3. Working and interacting with other role-players


Frank Ellis – Chair
Warren Daly – Treasurer
Kerry Petrie – Secretary
Bronwyn Morris 
Cara Morris 
Elisabeth Jengo 
Kirsten Felbert 
Rio Allen 
Tarryn Abrahams 

Membership of the Upper Woodstock Residents Association is open to all residents living in Upper Woodstock, whether they are owners or tenants.

UWRA is consulted by a number of organisations and institutions, like the City Council, developers, Liquor Board, SAPS and others on many different issues affecting our area. It is important that UWRA has a mandate to speak on behalf of as many residents as possible and can show that it is indeed a powerful body. Therefore we encourage all residents to become members of UWRA.

Membership fees are R100 per year per household. Fees can be paid into the UWRA bank account:

      Upper Woodstock Residents Association


      Standard Bank


      Thibault Square (020909)


    07 119 826 1

If paying directly into our bank account, please provide your details (name, address and e-mail address, if you have).