To promote and support the wellbeing of all residents living in the area.

To represent the community in it’s relationship with the local authorities and to help
facilitate engagement between the local authorities and residents living in the community

To co-operate and liase with other organisations in order to further the objectives of the ASSOCIATION.

To provide a platform (online and also between residents) to share information, discuss differences and agree common approaches to solving problems in the community.

To set up ad hoc committees as required to represent residents on specific issues, as required.

Membership of the Woodstock Residents’ Association is open to all residents living in Woodstock, whether they are owners or tenants.

WRA is consulted by a number of organisations and institutions, like the City Council, developers, Liquor Board, SAPS and others on many different issues affecting our area. It is important that WRA has a mandate to speak on behalf of as many residents as possible and can show that it is indeed a powerful body. Therefore we encourage all residents to become members of WRA.