Woodstock Police Station: 021 442 3122 021 – 021 442 3117/21
93 Victoria Road, Woodstock, 7925

Police Flying Squad  10111
Ambulance    10177
Cellphone Emergency 112 with no airtime (Cell C, MTN, Telkom & Vodacom)

City of Cape Town – EMERGENCIES ONLY  107 from landline or 021 480 7700 from cell
Electricity   0860 103 089  or  sms 31220  or  email [email protected]
Fire – 107
Metro & Traffic Services 0860 765 423
Traffic Signal  Faults 0800 65 64 63
Water   0860 103 089  or sms 31373 or WhatsApp 063 407 3699 or email  [email protected]
OR [email protected] (only for reporting offences)

Alcohol & Drug Helpline  0800 435 748
Cable Theft  0800 222 771
Childline  0800 055 555
Disaster Management  080 911 4357  or  021 597 5000
Lifeline  021 461 1111 (09h30-22h00) or  WhatsApp 063 709 2620 (10h00-14h00)
Mountain Rescue  021 948 9900
Poison Hotline  0861 555 777
Reporting a Missing Person  There is no waiting period -can report as soon as you know they missing
Go to nearest police station and take a recent photograph if possible.
Or contact SAPS Bureau for Missing Persons on 021 918 3512 / 3449 / 3452
Safe Schools   0800 45 46 47
Sea Rescue (NSRI)  021 449 3500
Social Services  SASSA Helpline 0800 601 011.

Many Capetowners don’t know that the easiest way to reach Council is through the call centre on 0860 103 089 or [email protected] – this applies to everything from blocked stormwater drains to power failures. Try this first. If you’re not getting joy, get hold of WRA (click on “contacts” and we’ll see if we can get you in touch with the right people).

You can also contact the Ward Councillors, Woodstock is divided in two Wards: 115 and 57:

Our Councillors:
Ian McMahon (Ward 115)

Cell number: 083-274-3579
Email: [email protected]

Yusuf Mohamed (Ward 57)
Cell number:067-820-6080
Email: [email protected]

Manager of Sub-council 16 (Ward 54, Ward 57, Ward 74, Ward 77, Ward 115):
Marius Coetsee

E-mail: [email protected]

What is a ward?
A ward is made up of 5 – 8 voting districts, each with its own polling station.  A ward does not have any legislative capacity, but a ward councillor can propose bylaws and legislation to the Council.

What is a ward councillor?
A ward councillor is the candidate who wins the most votes in his or her ward.

What is a sub-council?
A sub-council is a group of wards that adjoin or touch each other.

What is the purpose of a sub-council?
The most important job of  a sub-council is to bring local government closer to its people.  It can do this by:

  • organising public participation processes for the City’s policies and legislation, such as bylaws and the Integrated Development Plan;
  • administering licences for health facilities and liquor outlets;
  • compiling and monitoring capital and operational spending of ward allocations in its area;
  • dealing with references from the relevant portfolio committees about policies, bylaws and regulations;  and
  • making recommendations to the Council on matters affecting that area.

How can I communicate with my sub-council?
First talk to your direct representative – your ward councillor – and convey your concerns, suggestions or requests.  He or she will place your item on the sub-council agenda.  Nevertheless, you do have the right to address your sub-council yourself.  Watch your local press or other channels of communication for details of monthly meetings.