Members of the public can  report problems or raise queries relating to municipal water and sanitation services,  such as faults in water management devices, leaking or faulty          water meters, blocked sewers, and burst water pipes by sending an SMS of no more than 160 characters to the number 31373.

All that is required in the SMS is the customer’s name, Erf number and/or account number, street address and a brief description of the fault. The complaint will be logged for   remedial action and response sent to the sender with a reference number.

The cost of this service is 80 cents per 160 character SMS. If further information is required, the Call Centre staff will call the sender. The Water Services Technical Operations Centre hotline (0860 103 054), and e-mail: WaterTOC@capetown.gov.za, will continue to operate.


 The C3 electronic reporting system for all service delivery complaints & queries is now in place.  Call 0860103089 or email contactUS@capetown.gov.za. Your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.

 3.        Electricity problems should be reported by sending an SMS of no more than 160 characters to the number 31220.

The SMS must contain the customer’s name, erf number and/or account number/pre- paid meter number, street address and a brief description of the fault. At present, the Electricity SMS service is for problems such as faults in the house supply, faulty street lights, pre- paid meter faults and cable theft. 

You can also phone 0860 220 440 or email FaultReporting.Centre@capetown.gov.za.


LAW ENFORCEMENT – to deal with enforcing the city’s by-laws: dumping, dogs, loud noise, etc.: 021 710 8251 or e-mail: Dennis.Davies@capetown.gov.za.

WOODSTOCK MUNICIPAL DUMP – is situated in Railway Street, Woodstock – open 7 days a week from 7am to 5pm.
From Lower Main (Albert) Road take the bridge to the N1 / Paarden Eiland. On the bridge, at the traffic lights, turn left into Beach Road – past Waltons to the end of the road and turn left into Railway street. The dump in on your right. It is signposted from the bridge as “Woodstock Drop Off”.
Building rubble should be put in heavy duty bags.

NEWSPAPER & TIN CAN RECYCLING – Kool Waste or Oasis Recycling Depot or Footprints Environmental Centre – see Recycling on this site.

GLASS RECYCLING – Mountain Road Primary School has a glass-recycling igloo. The funds raised by filling the igloo assist in the school feeding scheme. Once you begin to recycle, you will realise how easy it is to help generate money AND you will be benefiting the environment, as well as helping this progressive school. – head@mrp.wcape.school.za

MISSING DRAIN COVERS – can be reported to tel. (021) 425 3310.

GARDEN REFUSE REMOVAL– Beach Road, Woodstock (opens as from 1 September 2003). Enquiries: 086 010 2640.

This service is free of charge, provided that the carrying capacity of the vehicle does not exceed one ton.

GARDEN WASTE    There are a few large composting companies in and around Cape Town who buy chipped garden waste for processing into compost.

Bionamix – www.bionamix.com
Reliance – www.reliance.co.za  Contact person: Pieter Kotze tel. (021) 872 5962

STREET LIGHTING Make sure that all the lights in your street are working. Better lighting reduces crime. You can report faulty streetlights to 0800 220 440.

STOLEN BINS  If your bin has been stolen, you need to report the matter to the police and get a docket number. Once you have that, you call the Municipality at tel. 0860 102640, and read the docket number to the person over the phone. They then give you a notification number and send a new bin to your house within 7-8 working days. If you want, you can also collect the bin from the depot in Beach Road, quoting your ref. no.

WOODSTOCK AESTHETICS – Upper Woodstock is an architectural heritage area. The Building Inspector, Mr Rashaad Solomon, is available on tel. (021) 400 3961 (between 8.30am and 10am) should you wish to lodge complaints about inappropriate building activities. UWRA’s Aesthetics Advisory Committee can be contacted on email: aesthetics@woodstock.org.za or via Till Manecke on 083 239 0894. 


Accounts and General Enquries:  0860 103 089

Copperheads and Cabletheft:  0800 222 771 (24 hours)

Electricity Faults/Street Lights:  0800 220 440

Metro Police:  0860 765 423 (24 hours)

Public Transport Timetables:  0800 600 895

Roads, Potholes, Stormwater:   0860 103 054 (24 hours)

Traffic Signal Faults:  0860 001 948 (24 hours)

Wastewise (Disposal only):  021- 487 2489