Recycling in Woodstock

Recycling is becoming more and more important for us and the environment. UWRA will attempt to provide you with useful info about recycling initiatives in Woodstock.

Collection of recycable materials

There are a number of organisations, which will collect recycable material from your home:

Kool Waste will accept newspapers, magazines, all paper, glass, tins, plastic bottles and icecream containers.  They will collect once a week @ R50/month. To arrange for collection, please contact Barry Visagie on 072 129 5787 or

Abundance Yoga and Holistic Centre will collect once a week @ R40/month. Contact Gary or Cynthia of the Abundace Yoga Centre at tel. (021) 674 2497. (Abundance Recycling Initiative)

Drop-off points for recycable materials

There are a number of places and venues in Woodstock where you can drop some or all of your recycables.

Glass and Paper – Mountain Road Primary School

Mountain Road Primary School has a Glass Bank and Paper Bank, where you can drop all your bottles and glass jars and old newspapers, etc.


Do you have unused, broken electronic goods at home? You do not know how and where to dispose of e-waste in an environmentally responsible way?  Look no further, de-clutter your home and bring you’re your e-waste to Korbitec. We will have it collected from Korbitec by Recover E-Alliance, a project that focuses on manual material recovery, which results in more job creation and Waste-to-Art workshops in Maitland.

(Korbitec – Great Westerford, 240 Main Road, Rondebosch – 021 658 9700)

 * E-waste (electronic waste) includes anything that is driven by electricity, from toys to telephones, household appliances, computers and office equipment that have been discarded by their original users. The list is virtually endless. Did you know that e-waste is toxic if treated and discarded improperly?

Did you know?

  • You can dispose of your old rechargeable batteries at Pick ‘n Pay stores (Claremont 021 674-5908/9; Ottery 021 704-7600; Brackenfell 021 980-5300).
  • You can dispose of your used compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) at selected Woolworths stores (Cavendish), and Pick ‘n Pay stores (Claremont 021 674-5908/9; Ottery 021 704-7600; Brackenfell 021 980-5300).
  • Nokia now recycles any old mobile phone (no payment), plants a tree in return and send you the GPS coordinates of the tree’s location! Simply drop it off at any Nashua outlet (Claremont 021 671-5212; Belville 021 943-3111)