//Vine Road – Update November 2008

Vine Road – Update November 2008

The property at 2 Vine Road, on the corner of Salisbury and Vine Roads, has now been demolished (see other posts about this property).

UWRA has made contact with the owner/developer to find out what he plans to do with the plot. We want to establish a positive relationship so that we can give constructive comment at an early stage. The developer has promised that someone would contact us to discuss the plans, but so far we have not heard or seen anything.

UWRA has also kept close contact with the various council departments about future plans for the plot. Apparently plans for a 4 or 5 storey block of flats have been submitted, but not finalised yet. Council officials have assured us that the plans will be send to UWRA for comment.

We will keep you in the loop and let the community know when the plans arrive.