//UWRA Traffic Management Proposals

UWRA Traffic Management Proposals

In a meeting of our steering committee on 17 June 2009 UWRA decided on the following proposals to deal with the increasing traffic and parking problems in our area: 

  • Red (no parking) lines to be painted on the corners of Roodebloem Road with respectively Palmerston Road; Balfour Street; Chamberlain Street; Salisbury Street; and Lawley Road.
  • Red lines to be painted on all pedestrian crossings.
  • Warning signs to be placed on Roodebloem Road (above and below Salisbury Street) in both directions, reading:

This is a residential area

Respect the speed limit

Watch out for pedestrians

  • Additional visible speed limit signs to be placed in Roodebloem Road.
  • Two additional pedestrian crossings to be placed in Roodebloem Road below Salisbury Street.
  • All pedestrian crossings in Roodebloem Road to be marked with flashing warning lights.
  • The corner of Roodebloem Road and Salisbury Street to be marked with flashing warning lights.
  • The traffic department to supply a traffic official (“lollipop man”) for the pedestrian crossing in Roodebloem Road closest to Chamberlain Street in the morning and afternoon at school opening and closing hours.
  • Lawley Road (coming into Roodebloem Road) to be turned into a Stop Street.

These proposals have many times been suggested and requested by our community in public meetings and in correspondence.

In addition to all this we need to speak to Council’s Traffic Department about curbing the use of large parts of Woodstock as a rat run during traffic peak hours.

We hope that somebody from the Traffic Department will be at our General Meeting on 22 July to answer our queries.