//Social housing in Woodstock

Social housing in Woodstock

The City of Cape Town has initiated several Social Housing projects all over the city.

There is sometimes a misconception about what Social Housing actually is. Maybe it is easiest to start by explaining what it is not. It is not RDP housing and it is not Council Rental Housing.

Social Housing is good quality, medium density rental housing in well-located, attractive and safe parts of the City. The projects are well-managed by Not-for-Profit Housing companies in partnership with the City of Cape Town. The housing is meant for households with an income of R 2000 – R 7500, who will be paying rent for the units and who want to live in areas with good access to transport and social and economic opportunities.

How does Social Housing affect Woodstock ? The City Council initiated 4 projects in the greater Woodstock area. Two of these are in Salt River : Pickwick Road and Salt River Market. The other two are in Upper Woodstock: Dillon Lane and Victoria Walk/Melbourne Road.

In a progress report of April 2008 it was stated that NO further work is being done on the Victoria Walk/Melbourne Road project. This area is a Public Open Space and City Council is quite serious about preserving the Public Open Spaces and so is UWRA and the surrounding community. UWRA has made this clear to Council in the Woodstock Development Framework.

The Dillon Lane project plans for the building of 60 units. The plans are in quite an advanced stage, but the land lease agreement between Council and the Housing Company still needs to be finalised. The start of the project is expected in March 2009 and the building work should then be finished by July 2009.

We attach the Progress Report here, so you can see exactly what is happening.

CCT Social Housing Progress Report April 2008