Searle Street traffic circle

There are plans to construct a new traffic circle on Searle Street, near the entrance to the N2 (eastbound). The proposed project will upgrade the exiting intersection between Hyde Street and Searle Road, Woodstock to a traffic circle with associated approaching lanes. The proposed traffic circle would be located north of the Eastern Boulevard highway and linked to Searle Street. There is an opportunity for the public to give written comment to Deon Manuel, 021 400 6537, deon.manual@capetown.gov.za. For more information or to view a map of the proposal, click here.

Test Kitchen named one of the world’s top 100 restaurants

Restaurant Magazine’s list of the World’s 100 Best Restaurants has long been recognised as the authoritative voice when it comes to global restaurant rankings. Woodstock should be proud to have made the list this year. Coming in at #74, Luke Dale-Robert’s exceptionally tasty Test Kitchen (at the Biscuit Mill) was one of two SA restaurants to earn a spot on the list. For more info, click here.


2012 New UWRA Committee!!

First, apologies as it’s been quite a while since the last e-Word on Woodstock, but do not fear, things have been going on in the background. UWRA focuses on quality of life in Woodstock, the things that make our suburb more pleasant and pleasing to live in. We’ll fill you in on our specific priority areas for 2012 in the next newsletter.

But first, we’d like to introduce you to the new committee, which was elected during the AGM in March. We need additional members for the committee. Please write us on word@woodstock.org.za if you are interested in joining! Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of the month. Your new UWRA Committee team is:

Laura Myers

Portfolio: Communications

When she’s not putting together awesome newsletters for UWRA, Laura conducts social research on HIV and health communication. She’s only been in Woodstock for two years, but couldn’t be happier living on Kitchener Road. Laura would like to see UWRA contribute to building a sense of community through organising social events that introduce residents to each other.

Grant Quixley

Portfolio: Chair

Grant pretends to be an advocate outside of UWRA. He’s lived in Woodstock on and off since 2001 and wants to work at making UWRA more relevant and responsive to the community, and putting UWRA at the forefront of the exciting developments taking place in the neighbourhood.

Nils Hansen

Portfolio: Co-secretary

Nils hangs out in Milner Road and owns the awesome Woodstock Cycle works. He’s been in Woodstock for 7 years – it’s a great place, he says, never a dull moment!

Liana Muller

Portfolio: Co-secretary

Liana moved from Pretoria to Cape town in 2011. After renting in Sea Point for a brief period, she was adamant that Woodstock was one of the few healthy and real neighbourhoods in the City. In November 2011 she bought a house in Chamberlain Street and can often be found roaming the streets with her Bouvier, Miena. As a lecturer in the Masters in Landscape Architecture Programme at UCT she is passionate about community and the environment and has a number of green initiatives for Woodstock up her sleeve.

Warren Daly

Portfolio: Treasurer

Warren has been in Woodstock 4 years and loves it here. For the last 2 years, he’s also been working in the neighbourhood! He rates it as a fantastic community and has joined the committee to do his bit to try to make Woodstock an even better place to live!

Jacqui Hewett

Minister without Portfolio
Jacqui has been on the UWRA Committee and has lived in Woodstock probably for the longest of all the committee members, and brings with her a wealth of experience

Rainham Lane clean-up

On May 5, a group of Chamberlain and Salisbury Street residents teamed up to clean Rainham lane. The servitude had accumulated a lot of rubbish and was overgrown with weeds. Their goal is to create a communal space that can be used for gardening, safe play, relaxation, dog-walking, pop-up socials and so forth. It is still a work in progress; if you would like to get involved, please join their Facebook group. Masha duToit blogged about the event here.

Bicycle Portraits

Two Woodstock photographers / cycling aficionados have completed a beautiful photographic study of South African bicycle commuter culture. They cycled 6,000 kilometers over two years, documenting who rides bicycles, why they ride, and of course why so few South Africans choose the bicycle as their primary mode of transport. The project culminated in three published volumes (r250 each), a portrait of a nation through the bicycles that they own and ride every day. You can view some of the images at a public exhibition in the Company’s Garden (Government Ave) until 31 May or on their website www.bicycleportraits.co.za.

This photo of Micky Abrahams was taken in Woodstock, at the corner of Douglas and Victoria Rd.

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