//More on Booze Hotspots

More on Booze Hotspots

The saga of liquor licences continues. After asking for feedback from Woodstock residents, opinions received were mixed – many felt that more entertainment/social spots was a good thing, many hated the disturbance and upset bars caused for residents. The take-home seems to be that the further people live from these places, the more keen they are to have them (as they’re not the ones being woken up at 1:30am by drunken shouting).

The situation has developed as many feared – despite the owners/operators of Hoodwinx and Don Pedros making assurances that they would do their utmost to operate according to liquor licence legislation, both establishments have been continuing to operate illegally (or at least semi-illegally). Don Pedros has also seen numerous complaints from neighbours because of noise and disturbance.

This is going to be a long battle – the conflicting desires of people wanting to party versus people wanting to sleep, and the obvious profit motive of bar owners wanting to sell more booze. UWRA’s position is that entertainment establishments are good, with the proviso that some very reasonable limits be observed – not serving people outside on the side roads and keeping noise down after 11pm.

We need bar owners to come to the party on this one, which they’re not doing.