The coronavirus reminds us that we are all connected and need to support each other. The Woodstock Community Action Network (Woodstock CAN) is a group of Woodstock volunteers that form part of Cape Town Together, a movement supporting neighbourhood action around COVID-19.

We need more street champions and volunteers to help our neighbourhood get through this crisis. Pls complete this form if you would like to volunteer or if you need assistance during the lockdown:

We are also looking for food donations to support the Woodstock / Salt River Development Project’s feeding scheme which is cooking meals at the William St Mosque and distributing to homeless people and others in dire need. Currently they are requesting vegetables, rice, meat, seasoning, bread, eggs, 20L buckets and 1 and 2 litre ice cream containers, cooking gas, and petrol. Pls contact Eddie on 074 728 2521 or drop at 328 Albert Road.


STREET CHAMPIONS: is a group of volunteers responsible for spreading information, mobilising donations and assistance on their road. Please see the maps below– we especially need more volunteers from areas without turquoise pins (street champions). Pls volunteer or if you know someone from those areas, tell them about Woodstock CAN.

RESOURCE GROUP: is collating a list of shelters/resources for homeless people and feeding schemes and document what they need in Woodstock and could use more support coordinating donations

COMMUNITY MAPPING GROUP: is developing the community mapping capacity of the Woodstock CAN through tech that helps us understand who needs what and who can offer what.

GOOD TIMES GROUP: Remembering that we can still have social solidarity while practicing physical distance, this group will try to bring Woodstock residents together through as many creative virtual means as possible.

WOODSTOCK SEWS 4 SAFETY: This group is coordinating mask making in Woodstock. Pls join if you can sew or have a sewing machine you’re not using or access to other sewing supplies like elastic.

Call for our neighborhood​