This picturesque, charming and above all very central suburb in the Cape Town city bowl is a secret gem. Woodstock is one of the oldest suburbs in Cape Town, growing from a small hamlet called Papendorp at the turn of the 19th century into a vibrant, multi-cultured and very friendly village-within-a-city today. It stretches from the Cape Town docks (before land reclamation created the Foreshore, Wodstock was actually on the beach!) up to the slopes of Devil’s Peak, with characteristic Victorian architecture and street-scape.

Over the years it has become a sought-after area for young professionals because of it’s ultra-convenient location – and also for families that want to stay in the city, but want a peaceful and friendly place to raise their families. It has gracious homes, small cottages, and as you head down the slopes towards Albert Road, an increasingly commercial aspect with small business, factories and offices. This part of Woodstock has become popular with creative and design firms.