> December 2011 - The Upper Woodstock Residents Association

Woodstock – Pretty as a Postcard


Woodstock is a Heritage Area – the aesthetics of the area are protected by law, where changes to the street-scape (walls, fences, house fa├žades) must have planning permission. Walls should be permeable (posts and railings, etc) to allow a consistency of appearance. A railing fence is also more secure – criminals can get up to any mischief behind solid walls.

Graffiti Art


Art or vandalism? Like porn, you know it when you see it… The graffiti art in Woodstock is getting tagged on, so let’s hope the artists come back for a touch-up.

Queens Park on a Sunday


While we may regret that the public swimming pool was eventually demolished, at least we now have a safe and pleasant place to take our kids, dogs and picnics. Kids party on Sunday 11 December.